Monday, 4 June 2012

The Deceit of Grandeur

The festering corruption of deception
Seeps through every pore
Stinking, contaminating the regime
Stifling creativity, freedom, comradeship
Luxuriating in the surrounding poverty

The pestilence lives on us
Feeds on us
Devours us
It becomes satiated to a sicking blubber
Still demanding more
Ever demanding etiquette
Turning all it excretes upon infectious

The obsequious blabbers scurrying
Followers of the counterfeit magnificence
Gorging themselves
On yet more human flesh
On our very minds
Occasionally the vermin look upwards
All fawning, sycophantic, toadying
Towards the self serving avarice of formality

Why should we bow and kowtow
To the illustrious rabble of the earth
To those causing our misery
Their phony splendour
The inevitable cause of the surrounding wretchedness
Why should we wallow in the vomit of departed times
As the grandiose defecate on our face

Jubilation will only come
After the destruction of the septic
After sixty years of putrefaction
Why celebrate the stench of decay?

The monarchy
Fuck the monarchy
Shit on the monarchy
Stuff the jubilee