Sunday, 16 January 2011

Forty Word Micro Fiction Stories

Car Park

The man in the dirty yellow, almost florescent, coat strode towards her.
“I told you: get out of here.” His breath froze in the still air.
Samantha limped towards her car.
“I'll be back,” she muttered, as she sped off.



The buzzing in her head squealed, screamed; it had returned, returned with avengeance. Was she never going to escape?
Hours and a few joints later; Samantha steadied her swimming mind. Were the previous years of nightmares about to repeat themselves?

Friday, 14 January 2011

The Target

It was going to be a tight run thing. Every year they went up and this year's were especially demanding. The highest ever.

Haider was taking a break, he was exhausted, he had just worked twenty hours non stop and been on double shift for the past few weeks. Half dozing he slouched in the far corner of the rest area deep inside the administration bunker, barely noticing the grimy walls, the broken lights and the tatty furniture.

“Not after it this year,” said a dismembered voice.

Haider yawned and squinted. It was Qadeer his boss. It would have to be Qadeer.

“Won't get it this way,” said Qadeer, who was standing over him now and poking his long shrivelled finger in Haider's ribs. Qadeer could be such an annoying fool; he just loved the power of mediocrity.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Michael Rosen - NUT Public Meeting, Lambeth 24 September 2009

A great video by children's author Michael Rosen. This is a talk given at an NUT Public Meeting in Lambeth on 24 September 2009. So some of the details are a little out of date. However Michael makes some great points in a fun way.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's Diary – The Reviews

Extracts from the leaked Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's Diary are about to be posted here. So we at Microwave Fiction gave some notable UK political commentators the chance to have a sneak preview of Sir Philip's forthright views. Here's what they had to say:

Sir Philip throws acid in the face of the Con-dom pact.
Peter Wankinson (Overheard in the toilets, House of Commons)

You fink I'm bothered, you toerag. Just cos some Tory throws a hissy fit, you think we all gotta get interested.
Alabaster Crampon (Scum TV)

This could go nuclear. Powerful stuff that threatens to blow the coalition apart. Er... sorry, I didn't say that. Please don't tell anyone, please, please, please...
Vance Cable (MPs surgery to a local constituent posing as a reporter)

Fantasies from a reactionary moron.
Tracy (Socialist Worker seller, Croydon High Street)

Who is Sir What's-his-name?
David Chameleon (Interview on Panamanian, BBC TV)

Couldn't be bothered to read it.
Anon on

Err... O-F@@k... err... err... None of it is true.
David Camaroon (Interview on Parsimonious, BBC TV)


Gulp, shock, horror, I'm the winner of the December 2010 Whidbey Student Choice Contest.

This is for my flash fiction story Avoidance. Read it here in New for January.

That a good start to my 2011 writing career. And a whole $50 as prize money, Somewhat less, though, when converted into UK pounds.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Coming Soon: Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's Diary

Coming soon to a blog near you, the one and only, Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin.

The world is awash with leaks. In recent times there has been the scandal of British MPs expenses where details, intended to be hidden, were leaked. Then there is the whole Wikileaks saga. And now for your delectation, here at Microwave Fiction, we have Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's diary.

Some disreputable types have hacked into the computer in Sir Philip's central London office, the one where he keeps his diary. In this diary Sir Philip notes all the ongoing affairs of the current Conservative government. So you get the low down on all the inner working of the coalition, including all the malicious rumours, gossip and back biting – there's plenty of that. All straight from the keyboard of the most acid and vindictive civil servant of them all. Fortunately for us Sir Philip is not technically very savvy and so he is unlikely to guess that his computer has been hacked. Material from the diary is scheduled for publication starting later in January 2011.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Waiting for the Bus

I hate him so much, so much. I'll throw myself under a bus, yes a bus. The next one that comes along and I'm under it. That'll show him. Show him how much I hate him. Serve him right for not treating me proper. Show him good. Good and proper.

Hell, he's given me ear ache all night. First the idiot's late. Keeps me all standing around. Right in the centre of town. Then he don't want to do this and won't do that. Then why did he come? Why did the idiot come? All he wants to do is drink. Don't want the cinema. Won't go on to a club. Doesn't like dancing. Hates dancing. We just goes to a pub and drink. Not much of a night out for me. I wanted a nice night out, have a bit of fun, bit of a dance, a laugh. He's no fun any more. Just me and him stuck in a grim pub. It's no fun.

Then when we's drinking all he does is moan. All night I had it. Moan, moan, moan. Don't like my family. Don't like this, don't like that. Hates his job. I tell him: get another one, but he just moans. Hates my mother, well she hates him, she hates him good an proper, and he deserves it. Says I should give him up. I know she's right, have to in the end, but I don't want to give her the pleasure. Then I'd be getting all told-you-sos. I hate my mother when she does that. Then he wants us to move in together. Move in together! Not likely, not when he moans like that. Then he's all mopey because I'm not sure. Not sure! I ain't doing it. Not when he's all mopey.