Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's Diary – The Reviews

Extracts from the leaked Sir Philip Wonder-Muffin's Diary are about to be posted here. So we at Microwave Fiction gave some notable UK political commentators the chance to have a sneak preview of Sir Philip's forthright views. Here's what they had to say:

Sir Philip throws acid in the face of the Con-dom pact.
Peter Wankinson (Overheard in the toilets, House of Commons)

You fink I'm bothered, you toerag. Just cos some Tory throws a hissy fit, you think we all gotta get interested.
Alabaster Crampon (Scum TV)

This could go nuclear. Powerful stuff that threatens to blow the coalition apart. Er... sorry, I didn't say that. Please don't tell anyone, please, please, please...
Vance Cable (MPs surgery to a local constituent posing as a reporter)

Fantasies from a reactionary moron.
Tracy (Socialist Worker seller, Croydon High Street)

Who is Sir What's-his-name?
David Chameleon (Interview on Panamanian, BBC TV)

Couldn't be bothered to read it.
Anon on

Err... O-F@@k... err... err... None of it is true.
David Camaroon (Interview on Parsimonious, BBC TV)

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