Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Parable

A man, let's call him Tony, has committed war crimes in Pakistan. He now lives just outside Washington in a expensive house.

The Pakistan authorities desperately want Tony and have placed a bounty on his head. It has become a point of honour for their government so they call on their military. They send a group of helicopters to the United States without even informing the US government.

Landing outside Tony's mansion the Pakistan military engage in a firefight. Tony along with Tony's wife – we shall call her Cherie – are killed along with a number of US civilians. The Pakistan military escape in their helicopters, though one was lost due to a 'technical failure' and was left burning on the freeway. Over the sea the Pakistan military dump Tony's body.

Unofficially it was considered better to kill Tony rather then have him stand trial. After all he may have used it as a propaganda platform or exposed unsavoury past dealing with the Pakistani military.

Back in Islamabad there is dancing in the streets and shouts of “Pakistan, Pakistan.”

What do you think the US government and media would make of this unlikely scenario. No matter what you might think of Tony and his crimes would it not be viewed as an act of aggression, an act of war, by Pakistan? So why, in the real world, all the hypocrisy?

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