Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Bus Journey

Two boisterous girls quickly alighted when the bus halted. Steeping out onto the half lit bus stop enveloped in blackness. The cold night wind briefly cascading into the bus. I watched, hunched in my seat, the hint of glorious beauty sinking into the dark council estate.

Each wore skintight denim jeans, clean, crisp, in myriad shades of fashionable, faded blue. The super snug contours seemed to highlight the wonderful curves that lay beneath. The pure expectant shape of each mound, bulge and crevice was gloriously conceivable – if only in the imagination.

They argue momentarily about nothing in particular. The ratty grimacing faces bickering and vengeful. The controversy dissipated almost as quickly as it flared. They kiss goodbye. Each pair of lips barely brushed the others cheek; a kiss so brief, so tantalising. The fragmentary kiss quickly over they vanished into the crisp night air. A fascinating image of what might have been.

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