Sunday, 28 November 2010


This blog is primarily intended as a place to publish some of my short stories and flash fiction. We define flash fiction as stories of fewer than 1,000 words. Though we need not be too strict about the word count. More importantly they are something you can read in a short break. This is a fiction form that is ideally suited to the internet and blogging. And has become quite popular here in recent years.

There are also many sub forms of this kind of fiction. These include 55ers (fiction with exactly 55 words – often some other number is selected). Another kind is micro fiction which is sometimes defined as fiction of fewer than 100 words.

Also I intend to include a few book reviews. This will not necessarily be the latest, just published stuff. It'll just be whatever I happen to have been reading.

Occasionally I'll try to work in a bit of humour. Well, I think I'm funny, or at least other people laugh at me – though that may not be the same thing. It'll be up to the reader to work out which pieces are intentionally funny. So we'll see what takes my mood.

Those blogs that get read are those that are frequently updated. I must admit I've started few blogs before and I haven't been very good at this aspect of the art. Here's hoping things change.

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