Monday, 29 November 2010

Four Times Thirty Equals Reject

There is a form of popular flash or micro fiction that is becoming increasingly popular. These are pieces with a specific word count. Some of the word counts I have seen include: 150, 50, 55 and even as low as 12 words. Sometimes the title is included in the word count and sometimes the title has to be a single word. Obviously the title become an important part of the story with words on such short supply.

The following little stories all have 30 words exactly, nothing more and nothing less. As well as a short title.


“You ready?”
No answer.
A distant shuffling.
“They're waiting. We have to go now.”
“I'm sorry. About earlier.”
A door slams.
“I'm coming in.”
The room is empty.


The Shortest Day

Home, a car park, a Chevrolet, no option other than peeing in a cup. Neighbours, a Ford, a Buick, a family in a trailer. My bed, blankets on freezing metal.


Thirty Something

Thirty heroes wondering, seeking thirty stories to tell. Searching for thirty foes to fight, thirty beautiful maidens to rescue. Unfortunately they have been through this many times, many, many times.



Granddad was snoring again. The windows rattled, the doors shook and nobody could hear the telly. I hid quietly in the corner. Waiting to emerge when the arguing had stopped.

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