Monday, 28 March 2011

Midsomer Murders: The Unbelievable Evidence

Midsomer Murders is one of those programs you either love or love to hate. It full of that quaint, old fashioned, never was, Englishness some dream of returning to. This is somewhat ironical given the programs celebration of murder, family feuds, and the inbred upper class; among many other less desirable qualities. Still the programs always finishes with conflates resolved; hence the less discerning viewer can comfort themselves that all was just a minor blot on the English character.

The program excludes a lot and has particularly coveted controversy after a recent interview in the Radio Time where the programs long time produce Brian True-May boasted of his whites only policy regarding character and casting. This lead to True-May being suspended by All3Media.

True-May suspension was quite justified in my opinion. But surely some in the British independent television industry must have known of True-May opinions long before and despicably done nothing. Just like with John Galliano rant and subsequent sacking, Dior would have known all along of Galliano offensiveness. These management types feel it's better not to rock the boat and keep the cash flowing than do the right thing. Until it all becomes public that is; then we have the obviously insincere shock and horror.

In the past I have only watched Midsomer Murders when other family members have inflicted it upon me; when there's been no escape. Following this controversy I decided to break with tradition and watch a few episodes willingly. It did not reveal much that was surprising, new or, indeed, appealing, so I will forgo the boredom of a review. Some parts of were tolerable and long stretches proved agonising; enough said.

True-May, however, utterly failed in one respect. And in the (admittedly not very good) image above we reveal the 'unwelcome' truth: minorities do indeed exist in Midsomer. The following shot is from Midsomer Murders Days of Misrule (Christmas Special – 2008). There he is approximately 1 hour 9 mins in.

Of course the token minority did not get a speaking part or have any kind of personality; that would be too much to expect. He was forced to stand in the background and look obsequious while the great and the good paraded before him. Even so, this evidence does prove minorities exist, even in Misomer.

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